How to find a Job in BD

Monday,08.02.16 ( 18 views )

If you search for jobs, you can simply get diverted. It can be a long and tiring process. The process includes making your CV, applying for jobs, getting preparation for interviews and being rejected and has to start again. It can take away your motivation and energy if you are not careful. You should not get worried since there are many jobs in Bangladesh and you will find the piece of advice you require to get the perfect job for you. Following thoughts for interview will guide you on how to find a job in BD. Here are a few ideas on how to proceed for the interview: 

Research the company:

It is good to become familiar with the organization, the position and the individual who may be your boss. Try matching your skills and also experience the position that you are looking for. 

Look good: 

First impression is precious so make it count. Making a confident and professional image is mandatory. Professional dress is good but you should not use jewelry or excessive perfume. 
Know the location of the interview:
Think driving or arriving at the location in advance. Rushing to try and find the area can enhance your nervousness. 

Know your resume:

Be ready to discuss and defend every feature of your education and career experience. 
Focus more on the interview less on the job:
There is time to assess the job and whether you require it after the interviewer has learned about you. Now, your objective is to get invited for a second interview. Then you can decide that the job is just what you need. 

Talk about the past contributions:

Prospective employers are keen to know how you make a difference in your previous job. You may require convincing the interviewer that you are suitable for the company’s requirement. 
Search for the ways to sell yourself:
Catch chances to tell the probable employer how good you are. Be cautious not to show off but speak assertively about your skills. 

Don’t exceed it:

Select your words carefully and don’t talk too much. Most of the people only keep 20 percent of what they hear. Select your words speak clearly and get to the point. 

Prevent fear by visualizing the interview:

It is just an interview, not the gallows so imagine the experience in advance. Try to visualize different things like your clothing, items to bring, physical presentation, body language, eye contact etc. 

Listen carefully:

Pause for a short time after each question before you respond to be sure the interviewer has finished speaking. Reply the questions straight and concisely. If you don’t understand, ask for the clarification. 

Bring your questions:

You should also ask questions to the interviewer. Start with questions about the organizations and move to career growth, working conditions, etc. Know the benefits and compensations also. 

Write down vital data:

Get the names and the titles of the people with whom you meet at the interview. Ensure that the spelling is right since you may require the information later. 

Don’t escapee:

After the interview, you should not just hop up and head down the hall. Try to leave a good and final impression by making the interviewer know that you really require the job and you are ready to move to the next step of the employment process. You can never be sure exactly what will happen at the interview but you can be prepared for common interview questions. Take time to think about your answers now.