Car Finance

Tuesday,18.11.14 ( 123 views )

Have you ever been refused a car credit? Do you suffer from defaults, IVA or CCJ? Are you in debt management? Do you have a poor credit history? Are you not sure of your loan application being approved? Are you self employed? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, get in touch with BigPage Finance immediately. We can help you obtain guaranteed car finance deals irrespective of your financial history or credit status. We also offer completely flexible services which helps you source your preferred vehicles in no time at all.


Furthermore, we also allow you to purchase the vehicle from any registered dealer within the country or source it from us directly. We have access to hundreds of new and used vehicles on which we can offer our clientele with extremely attractive monthly payments, a 6 month warranty and a 12 month MOT. We also offer a great selection of vehicles and cover a range of makes and models. So if you don’t find the vehicle that you’re looking for, just give us a call and we shall find one that meets your exact requirements.


BigPage Finance also specializes in helping individuals who have been denied a car finance deal in the past with the help of our guaranteed car finance deals. We also offer our clientele with an extremely easy loan application process and a decision can be made on the financial application within minutes. Once an application has been accepted (and we accept more than 90% of all applications), we put you in touch with a dedicated account executive who then works out your requirements and helps you to source the car finance at the best possible terms and interest rates.


Our guaranteed car credit has enabled us to service thousands of customers in the past and our genuine care allows us to ensure that we offer them with something that is ideal for their particular requirements. Furthermore, we do not charge any administrative fees from our clientele and offer our services free of cost. This is one of the main reasons why our clients recommend us to all their friends and relatives and we boast of having one of the best repeat customer ratios in the country.

  So if you’re looking for a guaranteed car finance, first class service, highly efficient loan processes and affordable interest rates, contact BigPage Finance today.