Car Finance No Credit Check

Friday,30.05.14 ( 1 views )

If you are searching for a car finance that does not require credit checks, BigPage Finance is the place to be. We offer excellent car finance solutions to those suffering from IVA or CCJs as well as individuals who have been refused loans in the past or have a poor credit rating. Therefore, if you believe that you might face difficulties in getting a car finance deal, you can always make use of our car finance no credit check options.

At BigPage Finance, we do not believe in making individuals suffer in the present for problems or mistakes that cropped up in their past. As a result, we do not believe in declining car finance deals to individuals only because they have suffered from financial problems or have a poor credit rating. Even though credit checks are a necessary part of any loan application process, we ensure that our clients do not have to worry about the same as we boast of an extremely high loan acceptance rate, even among those suffering from poor credit histories.

Our special working relationships and extensive contacts with car finance dealers enables us to source the perfect car finance option for you and we have successfully managed to offer those individuals with car finance no credit check deals who have been denied the same elsewhere. We have also managed to offer car finance deals to thousands of individuals suffering from poor credit histories, CCJs or IVA – that too at acceptable interest rates.

What is the role of BigPage Finance?

BigPage Finance is an independent finance specialist. We have access to the entire loan market and boast of employing highly qualified car finance experts who can offer our clientele with the best possible and most suitable car finance deals. Using our services helps you to save time and money and also avail of the best possible finance deals available for your specific requirements. We also offer our clients with solutions for all sorts of financial circumstances and whether you require a no deposit car finance, a personal contract purchase, a car finance no credit check or contract hire, we can ensure that we offer you with the best possible deals in the market.

Why choose BigPage Finance?,

Unfortunately, many individuals choose to apply with multiple loan companies at the same time believing that at least one such company will offer them with a suitable finance option. However, this practice really hurts the individual’s credit score and hardly does any good. As a result, even those with the perfect credit history could be refused a loan from lenders. It is important to understand that different lenders have different criteria for lending money. Therefore, even if you don’t meet the criteria of a particular lender, you can always meet the criteria set by another. Moreover, applying with multiple lenders might also hurt your chances of getting a loan in the future as each application will show in your credit file (the main reference point for lenders while deciding whether or not to offer a loan to you). This is where BigPage Finance can play an extremely important role as our vast network and special working contacts allow us to apply your case with only those vendors who are likely to offer you with a loan.

Some of the main advantanges of choosing BigPage Finance include –
  • We employ highly qualified professionals who can guarantee that they match you to lenders who are suitable for your particular requirements. This helps to ensure that your loan application is accepted.
  • We pride ourselves in offering top notch services and completely transparent processes to our clientele.
  • Our special working relationship with lenders offers us access to special interest rates, which is normally not available with some other providers.

How does BigPage Finance work?

All you need to do is fill up a simple form online or give us a phone call and we can get back to you with a decision in to time at all. Once your loan application has been accepted by our specialists (we accept more than 90% of applications), we provide you with a dedicated account executive who then gets in touch with you to discuss the various terms of the loan.

Some of the main points that need to be considered are –
  • The duration of the loan
  • The amount that you wish to borrow
  • The repayment terms
  • The make and model of the vehicle that you wish to purchase
  • The place where you wish to purchase your vehicle from
  • Whether you wish to take part in any exchange program
Once all necessary points have been clarified, you can select your vehicle and the dealer that you wish to purchase the vehicle from and give us all the details. Our experts then take care of the rest and handle all your paperwork for you. We also transfer the funds directly to the dealers, which allows you to collect your vehicle and hit the road in no time at all.