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One such area is Aviation. There is a lot of opportunities to work but a lot of skilled people. The identity and pride of this workplace. One such career was named cabin-crew, airhostess.Airhostes many people who came to the profession, it is now easier, and now it has become easier. In the course of good wishes and self-reliance, not only the Bangladesh Biman, but also the opportunity to get employment opportunities in the international air lines. It is also possible not only glamor, but also earning high returns, working at the air hostess to young people. We are increasingly becoming a profession; we are engaged in international competition.

How is salary income?
The cost of starting an air hostess and cabin crew is much higher than any ordinary job in Bangladesh. In the domestic airlines, the salary is low and the foreign airlines are skyscrapers. Qatar Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Air Atlanta start the beginning of the airline is more than millions of Bangladeshi money!

Top international airplane and country name
Qatar Airways is Skytrax's the best airline
DB Schenker (Germany)
Agility (Kuwait)
Aires (USA)
Nippon Express (Japan)
United Van Lines (USA)
Atlas Van Lines (USA)
Crown Relocations (Hong Kong
Shipco Transport (Denmark)
Leo Packers and Movers (India)
Settelen (Switzerland)

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YouTube channel: World Airline Bangladesh

Head office address:  Eistran   Tower 3rd Floor in Agra's CDA Residential Area-Chittagong

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