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English -Medium-School Female Teacher


We recruit teachers from different private universities of Dhaka in various English medium and Bangla medium schools. English medium and / or A-level applications are available and English version and Bangla version of Bangla version and Bangla version will be able to apply. Besides, they can contact us and the teacher of music and dance. We are giving below the name of some schools and colleges whose school choice they will tell us.
Below is the list of school names.

International Star's Hope School
Future Kids Gateway Lessons:
Gray International School
Scholastica Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.:
London International School
Bangladesh International Tutorial
Bangladesh International School
Blum's International School
Don Grammar School
George Washington School
Gulshan International School
Ingenious Inta: School and College
Islamic Int'l: School and College
Manarat Dhaka International College
Anneshasa International School and College
Silverstar School
Sir John Wilson School
The City School
International School Dhaka (ISD)
Cosmic INTA: The school
Sefalan International School
Junior Laboratory School and College
Australian International Grammar School
Maple Leaf International School
Maple Leaf International School (branch-2)
Maple Leaf International School (Section-3)
Orbit International School (Section-1)
British Interactive School
London International School
Salvation International School and College
Just International School and College
Cambridge Standard Eta: School
Dhanmondi Tutorial
European Standard School
Evergreen English Medium School
Greenfield School
Happy Titan Inta: School
Heritage Inta: School
Oxford Eta: School
Radiant Inta: School
Sweden Bangladesh Eta: School
Naila Memorial Tutorial
St. Stephen's
London International School
Asian University Laboratory School
Belmont Intanta: The school
Blooming Flower
Don Bosco School and College
Euro Int: School
Harvard Elementary School
Holly Child: School
Holy Crescent: School
Int'l: Education Center
Scholastica (Pvt.) Lee:
South Bridge School
St. Aga Khanan School
Holly Child: School

Please contact the interested applicants only for Dhaka:
Hotline: Hotline: 01737755774
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